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A staged-reading presentation of Kit Goldstein Grant's new musical

Book, Music, & Lyrics  |  Kit Goldstein Grant


Director  |  Christopher Michaels

Music Director  |  Nissa Kahle

Stage Manager  |  Jordan Liau

Production Photographer  |  Brian E. Long

Produced by IndieWorks Theatre Company

as part of The Gallery Players' Overtures Series


Emily  |  Staci Stout

William "Stub" Newell  |  Brian E. Long

P.T. Barnum  |  James Beaman

The Cardiff Giant  |  James Stafford

Mother  |  Meghann Reynolds

Dr. Martin  |  Rebecca Holt-Gilmore

Reverend Turk  |  Colin Howard

Dr. Boynton/Judge  |  Chris Sirois

Carl Franz Otto/Reporter/Hull  |  Mark Hanke

John/Newsboy/Jack  |  Jonathan Nadolny

Beth  |  Sarah Chiu


The Gallery Players, Brooklyn, NY​


November 6th & 7th, 2017



Step back in time to 1869! Emily, a bright young girl with an overactive imagination, has run away from home to prove that there are wonderful things in the world out there! Before long, she finds herself in the employ of a shady showman, William "Stub" Newell, the owner of a prehistoric, petrified giant! She and the Giant become instant “imaginary friends,” but all is not well. When the unscrupulous circus impresario, P.T. Barnum, offers a hefty sum to buy Newell’s profitable, prehistoric attraction and is refused, he comes up with a scheme to steal Stub's business right out from under his nose forcing Emily to sort through what is fact, what is fiction, and what's all in her imagination.

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