A short musical film based on the song Valley High by Drew Gasparini

Screenwriter  |  Christopher Michaels

Composer/Lyricist  |  Drew Gasparini

Orchestrations  |  Charlie Rosen


Director  |  Christopher Michaels

Director of Photography  |  Jamal Solomon

Editor  |  Levi Wilson

Lighting/Gaffer  |  David Ospina

Production Design  |  Tiffany Hattori

Wardrobe Design  |  Courtney Butt

Music Supervisor  |  Matthew Bennis

Production Photographer  |  Brian E. Long

Produced by Calendar Boys Productions (now IndieWorks Theatre Company)

in association with Jeremy Terry Productions

and 5lvin Productions



Boy 1  |  John Michael Bradshaw

Boy 2  |  Nathan Fosbinder

Boy 3  |  Zach Solomon

Parker Smith  |  Nate Richardson

Sarah  |  Chandler Reeves

Blake  |  David Raposo

Tim  |  Kyler Coburn

Gabe  |  Chris Alfonso

Drew  |  Kevin Riddagh

Principal  |  Monica Cangero

Coach  |  Matthew John Mello

Boy 1's Sister  |  Margot Krauss

Boy 1's Mother  |  Kaitlin Creed

Boy 1's Father  |  Gregory G. Schott

Jerk Kid  |  Lars Halldin

Jury Forewoman  |  Cathy Cavender

Judge  |  Kimberly Vaughn

News Reporter  |  Stephanie Bloom

School Announcements  |  Jeremy Terry


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VALLEY HIGH is a short musical film that uses music to tell the story of three bullied and tormented teenage boys who long for attention, acceptance, and love in a world that refuses to give that to them.  Having no one to turn to but each other in this vulnerable time, the three boys band together to then turn dangerously against those who have done them wrong.


Based on the song of the same name by Broadway composer, Drew Gasparini, with orchestrations by award winning musician, Charlie Rosen, and written and directed by Christopher Michaels, VALLEY HIGH  takes the audience on a frightening and unsettling journey. From plotting and planning in one boy's bedroom, into the interrogation room for heartbreaking confessions, and ending up in the courtroom to await their fate,  we weave in and out of flashbacks as the audience experiences taunting and torture right along with our three main characters, catching a glimpse as to why no one ever saw it coming from the boys at Valley High.


"The storytelling is creative and clear. The Giant Hoax is memorably staged by director Christopher Michaels to evoke this particular time period and this bizarrely entertaining story. The creative elements are outstanding and well coordinated.  


The direction and performance of the ensemble is to be commended. Everyone seems to have a purpose to be onstage which enriches the entire viewing experience.


Stunning... Superb... A production that is thoughtful and imaginative."

- BroadwayWorld

"In IndieWorks’ staging of The Giant Hoax, seamless dialogue/eye/hand coordination makes the Cardiff Giant puppet worthy of any Julie Taymor production.

...a charming morality tale about telling the truth and growing up. The expert hands of director Christopher Michaels and choreographer Molly Model are clearly at work in all aspects of this production, bringing a touching story with affable songs and clever lyrics to life with a cast of first rate actors, a fine ensemble, and inventive and humorous choreography... to fill the hearts of its audience to bursting, as long as actors of this production’s caliber are playing it."


"The Giant Hoax will empower current and future generations of children." 

- Theatre Review NYC

"One wonderful song follows another portraying through music, drama, and puppetry a story of innocence meeting the reality of life just as it heralds honesty and truth’s triumph.

This show is destined for Broadway with its wonderful singing, dancing, music and acting and perhaps a live orchestra to intensify its intimate musical beauty, reminiscence, and romanticism. It’s great family entertainment connecting a familiar yet imaginative story with all. Children and adults alike smiled, laughed and empathized with the characters throughout the musical. Most were humming the tunes on the way out of the theater.

Truth is, every family should see this performance."

- The Front Row Center

"The Giant Hoax is the first main stage production for IndieWorks Theatre Company and I look forward to seeing more of what they produce."

- The Time Square Chronicle

"Beautifully orchestrated and realized, the music is first-rate, the lyrics extraordinarily clever. Christopher Michaels and Jonathon Lynch have done a fine job turning Ms. Grant’s excellent musical into a mainstage production. She is obviously a rising talent. I don’t doubt we’ll be hearing more from her very soon." 

- Theatre Review NYC