That's what the Dunkin' Donuts guy used to say. I wanted nothing more than to be the Dunkin' Donuts guy! Because in my three-year-old mind, you're the Dunkin' Donuts guy, you get to eat the donuts! My mom explained that Michael Vale (the Dunkin' Donuts guy) didn't actually work at Dunkin' Donuts; he was an actor. "Do actors get to eat donuts?" I asked. 

'Yes, actors get to eat donuts," my mother smiled.


And with a determined nod, it was decided. "Then I wanna be an actor."


I've been a lot of things in my off-stage life: a Sears catalogue model, a choir member, a 'church-boy", a playwright, a composer/lyricist, a waiter, a photographer, a talent agent, a set designer, a director, a stage manager, a lighting/set/graphic/web designer, a makeup artist, and loving father (to a hellion of a french bulldog). But my favorite roles have always been onstage as the bumbling sidekicks, hilarious henchmen, lovable losers, dangerous psychopaths, beautiful women, even the leading man. And even though I've never played the Dunkin' Donuts guy (...yet...), I've learned to make my own way, make my own roles, and even make my own donuts!